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Adolescent Dominion
Welcome to my N-Field
Is it weird that... 
4th-May-2010 11:10 am
Shooting Star
... at least half of the people I ended up following on deviantart (or as you would call, Deviantwatch) are also people who have been drawing and posting on y-gallery???

<_< >_>

They are honest-to-god great artists! Every last one of them. But, then, there IS some sort of style that I personally prefer, but the ones I like... the lines and everything look so very flowing. It's soothing. Even if some of the drawings involve some seriously intense banging, it was soothing. (weird)

I need to work on my linings... and tons of other things. Mine, I can tell I'm still sorta struggling.

But, dammit, I will get better!

After finals week... May 17th... end of another semester and onward to my final year of college.

In other news...
Due to a certain person online and her strange influence on me, I am now officially ADDICTED TO EVERYTHING IVALICE!!!!! Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Advance (well... not really), Tactics Advance 2, FF12, FF12RW (haven't played this one yet)

I'm now listening to "Crossing over the hill" from FFTA2. My god... Ivalice... possibly one of the best RPG worlds ever created in history of RPG video games! I kinda hope they will make more games based on Ivalice (of course, not so much that it ends up being boring, but that'll never happen to Ivalice!!!)

I'll shut up now

4th-May-2010 06:41 pm (UTC)
I should finish FFXII
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